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Patient Reviews

Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

Patient Reviews

Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Hearing Homage

Marcia M. - Weatherford Patient

My hearing aids have been most beneficial. I found myself withdrawing and not interested in multi-sound settings like restaurants, family gatherings, sporting events, ect. I am now able to decipher sounds and voices. Before it was extremely difficult to differentiate between sounds but now those same sounds are softer and more distinguishable. I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids. These aids have put me back in touch!

Randy U. - Weatherford Patient

Baxter Hearing Specialists have been so helpful in getting me to where I could hear everything again. From the fitting to the financing, they explained every aspect of the process to me. 

Now I can hear water running, leaves in the grass as I walk, birds, TV and things I haven’t heard in years! The best thing, other than being able to hear again, is hearing and understanding what children and people are saying the first time. The team at Baxter Hearing Specialists have been great to work with.  


Bill F. - Weatherford Patient

I have been wearing hearing aids since 1992 and I have updated my hearing aids approximately every three years. My last hearing aids were from a different provider. When I received a postcard for a free hearing exam from Baxter Hearing Specialists in Weatherford, which was close to my house, I decided to give them a try. Once I arrived for my appointment, sitting in the waiting room I saw they were a Starkey Hearing Aid provider. Knowing their hearing aids are made in the USA was just what I wanted. Chase Baxter gave me an excellent hearing test with up-to-date equipment and was very knowledgeable about the latest hearing devices from Starkey.  Chase was also very professional. I chose the Halo hearing aids by Starkey because I can use my iPhone to make adjustments myself. I can actually hear things I forgot were out there in the world. ie crickets, frogs, and other night sounds. I can hear the pastor's message at church on Sunday now. 

Thanks Chase for restoring my hearing.

Bill G. - Weatherford Patient

I have used hearing aids since I was a teenager, with the Starkey Halo aid this is the clearest I have ever heard and I have used many other brands during the years. The conversations are much more clear and easier to understand. The television volume is even lower now. The use with the iPhone application has improved the understanding of phone conversations without the visual cues, the clarity of the music and video streaming is so awesome. I am thankful for the people working with the hearing impaired that they have come up with a aid that is so useful in improving the life of the wearer. The Baxter Hearing specialists have been so instrumental in ensuring my success with the new aids and the personal and professional treatment that I received is awesome.

Brenda B. - Weatherford Office

I have been experiencing hearing trouble with both of my ears for many years. Now that I have my new hearing aids I have been able to hear sounds like a clock chime, turn signals in a car, the microwave beeping, TV noises and much more. Before hearing aids, my hearing was so bad that I had my phone disconnected. I can now go out to restaurants and hear the group I’m with. I haven’t gone to a movie as of yet but I’m excited for the new experience with my new hearing aids! My social life has changed for the better! 

The guys at Baxter Hearing Specialists are just two of the greatest guys. They take their time and make you feel as if you are the only person there. The follow ups have been very good. God bless these guys! 

Christine L. - Weatherford Patient 

Dear Baxter Hearing,

I just need to say one more time how truly wonderful everyone is at your business. My emergency became a problem you guys solved and solved way above and beyond regular helping. Your caring attitudes and genuine concern for helping cannot be commended enough and appreciated more. I watched you take time and interest in ALL the people you served while I was there. You guys are truly amazing and I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts.

Connie A. - Weatherford Patient

Chase Baxter and staff were very professional and caring. They were very helpful and tended to all my needs with the hearing aids.

Darlene D. - Weatherford Patient

Love ️ the people at Baxter.....very accommodating and treat you like family. I regularly come in every two months and they update me on new features and benefits.

Dave H. - Weatherford Patient

Love ️ the people at Baxter.....very accommodating and treat you like family. I regularly come in every two months and they update me on new features and benefits.

Dave H. - Weatherford Patient

I have received the best hearing aids in my lifetime. The Starkey Halo aids with the functionality with the iPhone has enabled me to hear the conversations on my phone and music so clearly. The aids have made it possible to hear and understand conversations across the room and the television sound is much lower now. I am completely pleased with the process and the professional respect given to me. I would completely recommend the Baxter Hearing specialist and the Starkey hearing aids.

Greg B. - Weatherford Patient

The SoundGear are actually pretty great!  I don't hear well so my first surprise was how well they amplified the sound around me. I tried them in my living room at first and actually had to turn the TV down. I can't wait for Turkey season this spring. I'll actually be able to hear toms gobble from far away. They work great for shooting (which is their goal I assume) but what I like is I can wear them at work. When anything gets loud enough to hurt ears they shut off. 

Joe Watkins - Weatherford Patient

Thanks Guys for all you did for me. I love being able to hear again. You are two of the nicest guys I have met in a long time in this old world now. You don't find very many that's not trying to rip you off. But, you two guys are the greatest I know.

Judy A. - Weatherford Patient

For the past few years I have worked with Baxter Hearing Specialists for my hearing needs. The Starkey hearing aid is one of the finest in the world and is made in the USA. It is affordable and backed with a good warranty. 

The service that I have received has been excellent. I have found the staff to be caring, supportive and most helpful in selecting additional devices to improve my hearing. I have told all my friends about Baxter Hearing Specialists and have encouraged them to contact Baxter Hearing Specialists to help with their hearing needs.


Larry C. - Weatherford Patient

I just wanted to say what a great job my new hearing aids are doing for me. They are the most important things in my life. They are wonderful! I have worn hearing aids for about forty years and none of them work as good as the ones I have now. Baxter Hearing Specialists have helped me to hear in a whole new way!  

Paulette W. - Weatherford Patient

Susan G Quote Review

Sandy G. - Weatherford Patient

I had a great experience on April 17, 2016 with Baxter Hearing Specialist.Some how my Bluetooth was not working correctly and I thought I was going to have to find a ride to Weatherford to Baxter Hearing Specialist to get it fixed.  First I thought, let me call from a friend's phone and see if they can help me over the phone.  Chase answered and I told him my problem.  He walked my friend over the phone what to do.  Surprisingly it worked.  Never hesitate to give Baxter Hearing Specialist a call first before making a trip.  Chase was extremely helpful.  If it wasn't for his knowledge of my hearing aid I don't know what I would have done. I love my hearing aids.  Chase, thank you so much for you help.  You were helpful and knew what needed to be done.  Thank you.


Sandy G. - Weatherford Patient

I am extremely happy with my new hearing aids. They fit perfectly. It's amazing how they come up with new technology to help those hear better. My hearing aids work through the Bluetooth on my iPhone. I don't have to worry about all the gadgets on my hearing aids like before. Everything is controlled by my iPhone. I highly recommended Baxter Hearing Specialists for their friendliness and understanding. Baxter Hearing Specialists will meet your needs.  Thank you for being there for me. Keep up the good work!

Sandy G. - Weatherford Patient

Chase I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism and your compassion to provide quality service to your customers.

Chase you’re exceptional!
It is great to have these quality Starkey hearing aids but to have you fit, calibrate and service the product is AWESOME!

You and Chris make a dynamic team. My experience over the last four years with two sets of Starkey hearing aids has been five star. Thank You! I would highly recommend you to my friends and family.

Thanks again to you and Chris for providing not only quality service but also genuine customer care.


Steve B. - Weatherford Patient

Weatherford is very lucky to have Baxter Hearing Specialists located here. I have been doing business with them for the last three years and I am very pleased with services I have received. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bill J. - Weatherford Patient

My recent appointment at Baxter Hearing Specialists was a very pleasant experience. Chris handled the necessary basic information in a prompt and professional manner. My hearing test, as well as the extensive ear canal cleaning, was accomplished cheerfully and efficiently by Dr. Baxter. The options provided to me were clear, concise and very understandable. All follow-up contacts have been handled in the same pleasant manner.

Dennis B. - Weatherford Patient

I have been coming here for 2 years and I am pleased with the services that have been provided to me by Chase Baxter and Chris Prince. They have always taken care of my needs right away and I always leave very satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone.

John M. - Weatherford Patient

Baxter Hearing Specialists is the most professional hearing specialists in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We drive quite a distance, but it is worth it for the care and service we receive. From the moment we called and scheduled or first appointment, the quality of the office was apparent. They provide excellent, compassionate care. We would recommend Baxter to anyone needing help with hearing issues!

Debby & Steven K. - Weatherford patient

Hey Chase, these ear monitors are great!!! Thanks for pushing me to get these instead of Alien Ears. These blow them away and they're a great fit and seal too. I wanted to send you these pictures of me wearing them at a gig. Thanks again!

Baxter Hearing Specialists, Weatherford, TX      Baxter Hearing Specialists, Weatherford, TX

Landon T. - Weatherford Patient

I recently brought my elderly mother to Baxter Hearing Specialists for an evaluation of her hearing. She already had hearing aids for many years. The hearing aids have never been altogether suitable because the ear molds did not fit correctly. As we discovered, the hearing aids often whined and squealed so much she would have to take them out. There is not much point in having them if you cant wear them and unfortunately she has a profound hearing loss in both ears. Her ears had become painfully sore from her pushing the ear molds further in her ears hoping to improve her situation. At Baxter Hearing Specialist, they listened carefully and took the time to discover her problem. She was fit with the wrong type of ear molds and one was made incorrectly. I am so grateful for the professionalism and caring enough to take the time to correct the problem. I highly recommend them to anyone with a hearing loss because they really care about their customers.

Mary Ann H. - Weatherford Patient

We just want to say thank you all again for the wonderful care given to us on our recent visit. We are so grateful to know there are people that still believe in quality service in their work and daily lives.

Baxter Hearing Specialists, Weatherford, TX

Gene & Mary B. - Weatherford Patient

I walked in the door and saw this young man, Chris, with a great big smile that lit up the room. I enjoyed looking at the display of different hearing aids. I was shown into Mr. Baxter's office where he checked my ears and ran the test, which I found quite interesting. Afterwards, he explained the test and showed me the hearings aids that would best fit my lifestyle. I selected the Starkey adjustable ones. I have been hearing great ever since! They are always there to help.

Mikki J. - Weatherford Patient

Over the last 83 years, my wife has lost most of her ability to hear well. We are so thankful that Chase Baxter bought this franchise. We were at the point of not being able to communicate except by writing on paper. Chase has very patiently worked with her over a period of time and the results have been spectacular. Her original ear mold was positioned so the entrance was against the skin and very little sound was able to get through. Chase made a new ear mold and she could hear better but still with very minimal distortion. He has gone out of his way and she can hear great! This has made a tremendous difference in both of our lives. Thanks Chase! I don't think we could have gotten these results anywhere else!

Baxter Hearing Specialists, Weatherford, TX

Roy and Maxine B. - Weatherford Patients

I recently purchased a set of Starkey Halo hearing aids from Baxter Hearing Specialists after several years of impaired hearing. I've never had hearing aids before and I was reluctant to get them due to the 'look' of the aids. I have only been wearing them for approximately two weeks and I am absolutely amazed at the improvement of my hearing. My wife even seems to like me again! I have also noticed that no one has noticed I am wearing them unless I tell them.

I am extremely satisfied with my new aids, the service I received from Baxter Hearing Specialists and my renewed quality of life!

Tom S. - Weatherford Patient

Wow, is all I can say!!! Baxter Hearing Specialists, L.L.C. not only helped improve my hearing, but also my life! I was not aware how bad my hearing was, but my sweet husband told me it was time to get my ears tested. I was constantly guessing what people said, piecing sentences together by what I could hear and getting frustrated cause “everyone mumbled”. Come to find out it wasn't them…it was me.  I am so thankful that I chose Baxter Hearing Specialists. They were so professional and knowledgeable.  They listened, they answered questions, they educated me and they helped give me back my hearing. I’m so thankful and I couldn't be happier.  Thank you Chase and Chris! You guys rock!!

Tuesday B. - Weatherford Patient

What a blessing it was to find Baxter Hearing Specialists. I had worked for 20 years with the "hard-of-hearing", in my younger years, and know personally how important it is to meet our hearing needs. Chase is an honest, sincere and caring young man. He understood my needs and worked hard to help me and I appreciate that. Thanks Chase for helping me!

I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their hearing. he may not find the perfect answer but he will give it his all to help in any way he can.

Veda M. - Weatherford Patient